Sound Strike has launched The Sound Design Pack, a custom sound effects sample library, featuring a collection of 57 hits, shots, swells, and rises.

Sound Strike The Sound Design Pack

With thousands upon thousands of repetitive, uninspiring sample libraries, SoundStrike has released a sample pack that cuts the fat out of a library and gives you the good stuff.

These samples were designed to cut through mixes as a post production tool, as well as being used as a creative tool to enhance your songwriting. Add tension before a chorus, pump life into the low end during a breakdown, or add backbone to transients.

“The Sound Design Pack” delivers quality and affordability at a price of just $19.99.

The Sound Design Pack features

  • 15 Swells, 12 Mono Hits, 11 Stereo Hits, 10 Full Hits, and 9 Shots.
  • Sampled at 24bit/48khz. Kontakt NKI included.
  • All cinematic sound effects have been designed and tested in several mixes and genres to ensure maximum quality and usability.
  • Combine Swells, Hits, and Full Hits for truly unique and breathtaking results.

The Sound Design Pack is available for purchase for $19.99 USD. You can check some free SFX samples with a free download.

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