Sound.Tools has introduced Matchering, the first instant audio mastering service that offers reference matching.

Sound Tools Matchering

Matchering lets you apply mastering settings of a reference track to your own track. It is useful to producers who don’t want to learn manual mastering techniques or want to save time.

A lot of human routine tasks have become automated nowadays, and audio mastering is not an exception. Matchering by SOUND.TOOLS is brand new online automated mastering service. We already know of some similar services, so what’s the difference?

Matchering is the “First Instant Audio Mastering With Matching”, it means you will upload not one but two tracks:

  • The target (the track which you want to master, yours or not yours, you want it to sound like the reference)
  • The reference (another track, yours or not yours, you want your target to sound like it)

SOUND.TOOLS promises that the “matchered” target track will have almost the same RMS and spectrum than the reference track. Also it will be limited with the same peak level.

Currently in beta, the Matchering service is free. Use this exclusive beta key to get access: R3KK3RD000RG

This key will work until February 13th, 2017. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

More information: Matchering