Sound Training Online has announced the launch of Pro Tools 101, the first in a line of courses for Pro Tools 11.

This course has been specifically tailored for those who wish to embark on a career in Sound Engineering, and is taught by the highly renowned Avid Pro Tools Expert Aidan Cunningham.

Pro Tools 101 takes a comprehensive look at the main functions of the industry standard in recording software, it’s a 6-week programme that is designed for those who are looking to learn Pro Tools for professional purposes. The aim of this course is to quickly familiarise students with the many features available within the software, and by the end students will be able to set up and navigate Pro Tools sessions with ease, allowing them to Record, Edit, and Mix any type of track consisting of recorded audio or virtual MIDI instruments.

Sound Training Online courses are available in two formats, On-Demand or Premium. Premium courses are like a virtual online classroom, where the course content becomes available on a week-to-week basis. Each week of course leads to the completion of a production based assignment, which is uploaded to the learning platform. The course instructor then provides detailed feedback for improvement on each of these assignments, and is on hand to answer any questions that the student may have.

On-Demand courses offer the most flexibility and freedom, as it allows 180 days of access to all course material, students can complete this programme entirely at their own pace. Students work towards a final assignment that is uploaded to the online learning platform, and once the final assignment is uploaded the student then receives feedback from the course instructor and also receives Sound Training College Certification.

To mark the release of its first course for Pro Tools, Sound Training Online is offering a special discount of 20% until the end of January, 2015.

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