Sound Yeti has announced the release of a new Kontakt Player powered virtual instrument. Revelation Scoring Grand‘s foundation is built on a meticulously multi-sampled Steinway Grand Piano Model O, captured with 4 microphone perspectives.

On top of Revelation’s grand foundation is a power trio of sampled instrument layers, 50 uniquely sampled instruments to write your next musical chapter.

Revelation Scoring Grand uncovers truth telling musicality and unconventional storylines for composers, musicians, even sound designers at every level. Gain inspiration and write your next chapter with sublime underscores, scintillating hybrid keys, complex and sophisticated rhythmics and rich pianistic textures. All complimented with an ample medley of expressive solo grands.

Shatter the stereotypes and traditional orthodoxy of blending the acoustic with the synthetic. Take melodic musings to concert hall completion with a single preset and sounds so expressive by themselves, it’s the only instrument you need to create fully realized inspirational cues and compositions.

Revelation features

  • Rule breaking hybrid synth built on NI Kontakt 6.
  • Mix four grand piano mic perspectives.
  • Character control for felt, pedal, and hammer mechanical samples/sounds.
  • Three layer channels (non grand piano sample groups).
  • ADSR envelopes per layer channel.
  • Four band graphic EQ per layer channel.
  • Full-featured LFOs per layer channel, with syncing & core waveforms.
  • Sound Yeti proprietary LFO visual display.
  • Sound Yeti custom reverb with 24 impulse response environments.
  • 58 delay effects presets.
  • Sound Yeti proprietary Preset Recall System for delay and reverb effects.
  • Probability/Chance controls for added performance dynamics.
  • Easy to use sample/sound browser with categories.
  • Drag and drop single samples into a layer.
  • Nothing else to buy – Licensed for NI Kontakt 6 Free Player.

Revelation is on sale at an introductory price at the Sound Yeti store and from distributor Plugin Boutique.