Sound7 has released a new collection of presets for the Repro-5 software synthesizer by u-he, an emulation of the Prophet 5 from Sequential Circuits.

A mesmerizing consolidation from years of Repro-5 sound design experience refined down to a concentration of pure sound, Esoteric Encore brings more presets, more unusual sounds, more creativity and more playability.

This preset pack brings you huge organic sounding pads, darkly dystopian drone pads, kooky keys, upfront lead sounds, vintage inspired bass, odd FX and everything in between.

All patches include U-he preset browser tags, and many feature mod-wheel, velocity and occasionally aftertouch modulation options for big creative flows.

Like our other Esoteric series, these sounds a richly hypnotic, harmonic and often chaotic.

Esoteric Encore features

  • 15 Synth.
  • 16 Pads.
  • 12 Bass.
  • 6 Leads.
  • 8 Keys.
  • 4 FX.
  • 2 Plucks.
  • 2 PadFX.

Available from Sound7, the soundset costs £12.95 GBP.