Soundcells WaveDrummin

Soundcells has released version 4 of its WaveDrummin ReFill that brings percussive energy for the Reason Rack.

The sounds of this percussion library are as authentic as you wish and at the same time they can be as electronic as you wish. There is no limit to their sonic possibilities. So whether you are a dance producer druling over techno or electro beats or you are a vegetarian ethno guru spiritualist … WaveDrummin will help you getting there.

WaveDrummin v4 offers new REX loops, new Combinators as also new Kong kits.

WaveDrummin v4 features

  • 182 combinator patches (+15).
  • 178 REX loops (+20).
  • 30 Kong & 10 Redrum kits (+5).
  • 20 NNXT patches.

The ReFill is available for purchase for 14.90 EUR. The update is free for owners of any previous full version of WaveDrummin.

More information: Soundcells / WaveDrummin