Sounds of a Different Realm has released Sounds of a Different Realm, a sound effects library featuring sounds by Alan Splet and Ann Kroeber.

Alan Splet was considered by many to have been the world’s greatest motion picture sound designer. His evocative use of ambient sounds helped revolutionize the way we hear movies. Since he passed away in 1994, many have asked his widow and long time collaborator, Ann Kroeber, to publish work from the couple’s vast collection.

Sounds of a Different Realm features

  • Unusual Presences – A tribute to Alan Splet, the first two discs contain sounds carefully selected by Ann Kroeber from the couple’s immense body of work, specifically their collaborations with director David Lynch. While many of the sounds can be heard in Lynch pictures, some have been used in recent box-office blockbusters, and others have never been heard publicly before. This unique collection offers ethereal presences, deep bass textures, ambient hums, swirling winds, steamy atmospheres, whirling tones, gaseous presences, industrial pulsing and much, much more.
  • Common Sounds Heard in Uncommon Ways – Recorded exclusively for this collection, designer Ann Kroeber introduces a curious world of sound lurking beneath the surface of household items. Ann, using a custom made contact microphone, has captured a unique musicality from the actions of everyday objects. Recording with a standard microphone on one channel and the contact microphone on the other, she has uncovered a new audio dimension unlike anything we’ve ever heard before.

Sounds of a Different Realm is available for $329 USD. View the track list here.

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