MrRay72 Mark II has released MrRay73 Mark II, a digital simulation of the famous american electro-mechanical piano of the seventies.

MrRay73 Mark II is the second version of MrRay73, after two years from its introduction to the public, but with a huge difference in sound and functionality. While the old MrRay73 was one of the first successfull simulations of such an instrument, capable of offering similar vitality, warmth and richness of the real thing, the new “Mark II” version brings many new improvements, first of all for what concerns “THE SOUND”.

As opposite to sample libraries, a real-time reproduction of a certain sound has the ability to interact with the musician, producing different behaviours from time to time. Hardly you will hear exactly the same “waveform” twice. MrRay73 Mark II is a complete digital reproduction of the real instrument, with all the moving parts that, together, generate to the sound.

MrRay73 Mark II key features

  • Full Polyphony (73 notes E – E).
  • No note-stealing.
  • Adjustable single sound elements (metal, wood, pedal and damper noises).
  • Sympathetic resonance and harp vibration.
  • Sustain pedal re-pedaling feature.
  • Six-stage vintage style Phaser effect.
  • Dual mode Tremolo effect.
  • Power amp simulation (Suitcase model).
  • Adjustable wear of mallets and other elements (Piano Age).
  • Stretch tuning or Equal Temperament.
  • Four velocity curves plus an adjustable “Dynamic range” level.
  • Fully Midi controllable with MIDI-Learn function.
  • Very Low CPU and memory usage.

MrRay73 Mark II is available for download for Windows PC, for an introductory price of 39 EUR (offer valid until 26 February 2008 – midnight CET, regular price is 49 EUR).

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