ORGANized trio VSTi

ORGANized trio is a free VSTi (donationware). It simulates the sound of an electro-mechanical tonewheel organ of the 50’s, best known as the Hammond™ B3 Organ, invented by Laurens Hammond in late 1935.

ORGANized trio has 9 drawbars for upper and lower manual, 5 for the bass pedalboard. Vibrato/Chorus circuit for upper and lower. Percussion on second and third harmonic for the upper manual. Tube-amp simulator, key-click effect and rotary speaker simulator. It is totally midi controllable, supports patch saving and VST host automation. ORGANized trio doesn’t use any sampled data.

New in v3.1

  • MIDI CC# 29 was erroneously assigned to both drawbar lower 1′ and V/C switch (now CC# 73)
  • Exceeding saturation problem solved
  • Adjustable leakage (off, low, mid, high)
  • Colour and Contour knobs are now active even with the Overdrive OFF
  • Increased the overdrive knob range
  • Improved Leslie effect, with new filters for bass and treble rotors and wider doppler effect
  • Added option Mute 1′ which automatically mutes drawbar upper 1′ if percussion is ON
  • Improved Vibrato/Chorus circuit
  • Adjustable tonewheels attenuation (Off, Low, Med, High)
  • All global parameters are now stored in the host’s project (supporting host’s automation)
  • Setting a CC# other than 64 for the Rotary Speaker switch, the sustain pedal will work traditionally

Check for more information and a link to download ORGANized.