Tape Echo GS-201 has released version 1.1 of Tape Echo GS-201, a simulation of a japanese Tape Echo machine of the early seventies.

Changes in v1.1

  • Added easy “MIDI Learn” function.
  • Tool tips and Readout values displays.
  • The “Mode Selector” switch now displays the active tape heads setup.
  • Better VU-Meter response.
  • Echo rate doesn’t “spin up” anymore when the plugin is initialized.
  • Supports sample rates up to 96 KHz with multiple instances.
  • Mono (1 in, 1 out) and stereo (2 ins, 2 outs) versions available
  • Improved memory and CPU usage.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Tape Echo GS-201 is available for Windows PC (VST) for 19 EUR.

Visit for more information.