SoundFxWizard has announced the release of its new Kontakt instrument library King of Strings, featuring the sound of the unique custom-made “Bohr-Moneta” octobass.

There are only 4 octobasses in the world, this instrument is the perfect way to add the power of a rare bass instrument to your music compositions, giving an organic flavor without sacrificing the natural rough sound of a string instrument.

King of Strings features

  • 4 articulations: Long, Short, Pizzicato and Col legno.
  • Chromatic recordings and a SFX section for experimental sound design purpose.
  • All articulations can be switched from GUI or directly with keyswitches playing notes from C0 to G0.
  • Custom GUI with access to the XY pad for microphones mixing. All samples were recorded with 4 different microphones (a large diaphragm main condenser mic close to the body to get all the harmonics, a Shotgun mic, a contact microphone for the harshness of the wood, and a custom made Subkick to capture the extremely low frequencies and rumbles.

Available for the full version of Kontakt 5.8 or higher, King of Strings on sale for the introductory price of 59.40 USD/EUR until November 7th, 2021 (regular 99 USD/EUR).

More information: SoundFxWizard