SoundGym has announced that a new ear training game titled Compressionist was added to its audio ear training platform.

The game is designed to help you hear compression nuances, and get a deep understanding of how compressor parameters such as ratio, attack, and release interact to get the desired result.

The game presents you with a compressed audio source. Your mission is to recreate the compressed sound by selecting the right compressor parameters.

‘Compressionist’ is the 17th sound game on SoundGym. It is a Pro game (available for SoundGym Pro members). ‘Compressionist’ is open to SoundGym Free members for the weekend (until February 2nd) to try out.

Basic membership of SoundGym is free. Pro membership unlocks the full training program, including more sound games, personalized audio workouts, focused training, premium sounds, and much more. Pro membership costs $24.95 USD/month or $119 USD/year.

More information: SoundGym