SoundGym has announced the availability of the EQ Playground, a hands-on training zone where music-makers can practice and improve their equalization skills for faster and more accurate EQ decisions when producing and mixing.

EQ Playground offers a comprehensive EQ practice and includes the EQ trainer, seven ear-training games, and a weekly contest. Trainers can meet, practice, play, compete, get objective feedback about their skills, and track their improvement over time.

The EQ Trainer

With EQ trainer, participants use a parametric equalizer to replicate a presented sound. An algorithm then compares the two sounds to decide how precise is the answer. Members can choose to train with specific filter combinations at five difficulty levels to improve aspects of their ability.

7 EQ ear-training games

EQ Playground includes seven eq ear-training games. The games train users to detect frequencies, recognize filter settings, hear subtle EQ nuances and more.

EQ Mirror

EQ Mirror is the main EQ game in the playground. In this multi-level game, trainers sculpt a specific sound using an equalizer with 1 to 5 bands. At each level, users encounter and learn to use new types of filters. As they pass levels, more bands and filters interact, and the questions’ complexity is raised.

Weekly EQ Contest

EQ Playground hosts a weekly contest where competitors have 3 minutes to answer as many EQ questions as possible. Competitors earn points for accuracy and speed and winners get a prize.

EQ Playground is part of SoundGym audio ear-training platform for producers and engineers. Basic membership is free. Pro membership unlocks the full training program, including 20 ear-training games, personalized audio workouts, focused training, premium sounds, and much more. Pro membership costs $24.95 USD/month or $119 USD/year.

More information: SoundGym