SoundGym has announced the ‘Free Audio School’, a technological, personalized and free audio learning environment.

Combining curated learning programs, practical audio ear training, and a supportive community, SoundGym now offers a comprehensive solution for anyone who wants to learn music production and improve audio skills.

Free curated learning programs:
SoundGym presents complete programs curated from the best free online audio content. 5 free learning programs were assembled by sound experts and educators: “Recording & Audio Engineering”, “Electronic Music Production”, “Mix & Mastering”, “Synthesis & Sound Design” and “Live Sound”.

Practical audio ear training:
SoundGym accompanies learning with practical audio ear training. Using various audio games, members learn to detect subtle sound nuances, enhance listening resolution, and improve crucial listening skills such as frequency detection and compression.

Meet classmates:
SoundGym introduces an audio social network and a supportive community. Learners can ask for advice and get feedback from classmates, producers and engineers.

Noam Gingold, CEO at SoundGym:

“We organize the great-but-chaotic free online educational content into a coherent learning journey, accompany learning with practical ear training, and keep learners motivated with gamification and social support. Our goal is to provide anyone with the opportunity to learn audio and music production, improve crucial skills and make better music”

Basic SoundGym membership is free and includes access to the learning environment, 5 learning programs, and basic audio ear training.

Advanced features and pro audio ear training are available for Pro members, including more ear training games, personalized audio workouts, focused training, advanced stats and more. Pro membership costs $14.95 USD/month or $119 USD/year.

More information: SoundGym