SoundGym has announced a major update to its online audio ear training platform, including a new sound game and many new features.

Get audio ear training online, improve core listening skills like frequency detection or compression, and start sounding like a pro. Anytime, anywhere. Let’s start training!

Changes in SoundGym

  • Delay Control: New Sound Game — ‘Delay Control’ is the 7th sound game on SoundGym. It will help you to detect delay time accurately and get better timing in your mixes and music. Delay Control is a Pro game and it is now available for SoundGym Pro members.
  • Train your ears with Artist Sounds — The ‘Training Sounds’ section was totally revamped. You can now train with new artist sounds from various genres. Six artist training packs were added: Vintage Trance by JogiVinyl, Industrial Techno by Dark As Hell, Indie Prog Rock by Vanessa Ondine, Electronica by Gingold X, Electro Rock by Aurganic and Deep House by Omer Grinker.
  • New ways to use your Soundcoins — While training and playing sound games on SoundGym you earn SoundCoins. You can now use your SoundCoins to get discounts for online courses, tutorials, audio software and soundware.
  • More Features — Search box for friends, use your keyboard arrow keys to select sounds while playing and more.

You can sign up to SoundSym as a Free or Pro member.

More information: SoundGym