Native Instruments has launched a sale on Soundiron, offering up to 81% off on two curated collections for a limited time, including special update offers for existing users.

On sale for 279 USD/EUR, the Soundiron Collection 2 includes 16 unique instruments ranging from pianos and harps to glitches and industrial clangs.

An exclusive, newly-updated bundle of Soundiron’s specialist scoring and signature sound design tools. Discover 16 boutique instruments ranging from evocative keys to glitches, cinematic pads and ambiences, rhythmic engines, harps, shakers, and experimental creations.

Vocal Suite 2 brings together 8 of Soundiron’s solo and choir instruments that can lend their voice to an expansive spectrum of styles and genre, from fantasy epics and brooding cinematic scores, to EDM, folk, jazz, soul, and beyond.

Spanning everything from rapturous choirs to folkish female solos, Vocal Suite 2 is the definitive, go-to collection for epic cinematic productions, fantasy soundtracks, and delicate compositions.

The Soundiron Vocal Suite is 239 USD/EUR during the promotion, which expires September 13th, 2021. Upgrade offers require a qualifying base product to remain registered to your account.

More information: Native Instruments