Plugin Boutique has launched an exclusive sale on the Little Epic Percussion instrument library by Soundiron, featuring an assortment of small orchestral and ethnic percussion instruments created to complement Soundiron’s existing collection of epic drums.

The library includes instruments such as tambourine, finger cymbals, concert triangle, ship’s bell, wooden frogs, monkey drum, Native American rabbit drum, and a slew of mixed ensemble percussion featuring claves, kalimba, rattles, shakers, vibraslap, bell, and much more.

Soundiron captured the majority of them in the same epic hall and using the same techniques as many of their other percussion libraries, so Soundiron think it will mesh well with most of them right out of the box. It also stands alone as a unique toolbox of under-appreciated but often called-for items, like the tambourine and finger cymbals.

Soundiron not only went out of their way to capture these instruments as deeply as they could muster, but tried as much as possible to discover new ways of thinking about and playing them. You may notice some unorthodox articulations included with some of the instruments, as well as a few strange combinations and mutations that Soundiron hope will inspire you to play and create.

Little Epic Percussion is on sale for $21.75 USD until March 20th, 2022 (regular $29 USD). It requires the full version of Kontakt 5.5 or higher.

More information: Soundiron