Soundiron has announced version 2 of Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble, an update to the scoring percussion instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Soundiron Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble v2

Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble with redesigned GUI artwork & instrument layout.

We’ve massively upgraded it with +10 GB and nearly 9,000 new samples, with a whole galaxy of stunning new features. We’ve added a new far microphone position for 60 articulations, plus a new 38″ gong, pedal controlled hi-hats, suspended cymbal, Tibetan finger cymbals and number of new rolls and effects. We’ve also fully remastered and expanded the snare ensemble section.

All-new GUI features include midi loop import, playback, export and customization, a complete multi-FX rack page, an upgraded arpeggiator and roll-simulation system, easy 3-mic position loading, mixing and routing, faster loading. and custom key-mapping, with instant presets for popular drum mapping standards. We’ve even included 400 hand-crafted midi grooves and tribal loops by our excellent team of pro composers and producers, ready to tweak right in the GUI or any sequencer.

APE now has over 40 different drums of all shapes, with nearly 200 articulations, an average 12x round-robin and deep velocity layering. Weighing in at almost 25 GB with over 25,000 samples, APE is a true monster. You’ll find thunderous ensemble and solo bass drums, toms of all sizes, dhols, riqs, frame drums, bongos, cajons, doumbeks, a massive snare ensemble and 6 solo snare drum types. We’ve also got stick clicks, clacks, hi-hats, rides, crashes, splashes, hybrid and FX cymbals, gong, finger cymbals and much more.

Changes in Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble v2

  • Added the Far mic position to over 60 articulations.
  • Added Gong articulations.
  • Added Hi-Hat articulations in a range of pedal positions, including MidiCC controlled Hi-Hat simulation.
  • Added suspended Ride Cymbal articulations
  • Added Ting Shag articulations in a range of open and mute positions (Tibetan Finger Cymbals)
  • Added Ensemble Snare ?am articulations.
  • Fully re-mixed and re-mastered all Ensemble Snare articulations.
  • Added a variety of Midi drum loops.
  • Added ?exible Midi Groove loading and playback system.
  • Added mic mixing options to all presets (output re-routing feature only in master presets).
  • Added sub-group release controls to main Ensemble All Preset.
  • Expanded the features of the Megamixer system, including full Kit saving/loading and intelligent sample memory management.
  • Expanded the features of the Uberpeggiator / ARP meta-arpeggiator system.
  • Added full Effects Rack panel
  • Added various custom keymapping features to all presets.
  • Redesigned all GUI artwork and instrument layout.
  • Optimized and streamlined preset types, folder structure, zone mapping, group structure, loading and overall performance.

The library is available to purchase for $229 through October 31st, 2013 (regular $249 USD). An upgrade from version 1.0 is $39 USD until October 31st (regular $49 USD).

More information: Soundiron / Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble