Soundiron has released a new Kontakt instrument library titled Rhythmic Origins, a comprehensively multi-sampled catalog of UK percussionist David Oliver’s globe-spanning collection of rare, specialty, ethnic concert drums and hand percussion instruments.

Recorded at Whitehouse Studios in Somerset, England, Bell Music in London, and David’s Somerset Studio, this massive library captures 73 different percussion instruments of all shapes and sizes offering a variety of primary and effect articulations. You can custom mix your sound with close and room microphone positions, along with additional mic positions for Bell Music’s giant 54 inch Verdi Taiko Drum, David’s custom Gran Casa and several African hand drums.

The tonal and dynamic balance for each instrument has been carefully engineered to bring out the full bodied bass, rich tonality and high-end clarity in each sample, from the most subtle hand percussion to thunderous concert bass drum strikes. This library is an extraordinary toolbox as a stand-alone collection and also serves as the perfect companion to David Oliver’s Rhythmic Odyssey, our popular multi-track percussion loop, phrase and construction library that features many of the same instruments.

Rhythmic Origins for Kontakt 6.5.3 or higher (full version) is on sale for the intro price of $89 USD for a limited time (regular $119 USD).

Also available is the Soundiron Artist Bundle, a collection of 15 fascinating and imaginative virtual instrument libraries specially designed in collaboration with musical minds like Bart Hopkin, David Oliver, Mimi Page, Blake Ewing, and more.

Encompassing a broad range of acoustic and electronic sounds, integrated performance features, and efficient GUI workflows, you’ll find hundreds of intuitively playable, fully customizable Kontakt instrument presets and brilliant sound quality.

This bundle includes 15 libraries, with a wide variety of world-class sample content. From Didgeridoos to Bird-synths, there’s plenty to love. With expressive percussion like our experimental Lamellophones, Knockout Drums, and Rhythmic Odyssey , as well as legends like the Sonespheres Series and Mimi Page Light & Shadow, this bundle represents an incredible opportunity for fresh tones in any genre.

The Soundiron Artist Bundle is available for only $449 USD (regular $549 USD).

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