Soundiron has announced the release of Tbilat, a Kontakt instrument library featuring traditional percussion with a modern edge.

The Tbilat is a traditional Moroccan hand percussion instrument comprised of a pair of large and small clay pot drums bound together, with goat skin drum heads and sinew wrappings. It’s also often referred to as a “Tamtam” or simply “clay pot drums”. Tbilats generally have a tight, crisp sound similar to bongos, but with a raspier and deeper tonality.

The Kingdom of Morocco is located in Northern Africa, just across the strait of Gibraltar from Spain. Known for its coastlines, mountain and vast deserts, it’s been continuously inhabited for well over 100,000 years, with deep cultural, artistic and musical roots that span the entirety of known human history. The intricate designs of the pots and wrappings and tonal versatility of these instruments is an excellent example of this long and rich creative heritage.

Tbilat GUI

Tbilat features

  • 1.14 GB Installed.
  • 3,173 Samples.
  • 22 Kontakt 5.5.2 .nki preset banks.
  • 24 bit / 44.1 kHz uncompressed PCM wav audio.
  • Custom Sound-Designed FX and Ambient presets.
  • Multi-FX Rack and reverb with 119 room, hall and FX impulses.

Tbilat is on sale for the intro price of $19 USD until July 22nd, 2018 (regular $29 USD). Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.5.2 or later.

More information: Soundiron