Soundiron has bundled its Voice of Rapture operatic solo vocal libraries for Kontakt into Voices of Rapture for Kontakt Player and Komplete Kontrol.

The bundle features 4 outstanding singers covering the classical soprano, alto, tenor and bass ranges.

Soundiron Voices of Rapture

This complete solution includes fundamental chromatic articulations like true legato, vowel sustains, single and multi-syllable staccatos and Latin chanting sustains, with individual solo and combined ensemble quartet presets. It also comes packed with thousands of beautifully dynamic live performance phrases in various keys and tempos, with your choice of Pure Vowel, French, Latin and even Humming and Whistling categories.

Together with Nichole Dechaine (Soprano), Kindra Scharich (Alto), Brian Thorsett (Tenor) and Joseph Trumbo (Bass), we captured a grand total of nearly 50 hours in our studio and carefully distilled it into this extraordinarily playable virtual instrument library for the Kontakt Player and Komplete Kontrol platforms. With a clean and simple interface, pristine fidelity and excellent vocal performances, Voices Of Rapture is your new go-to for classical and cinematic lead vocal arrangements.

The special Ensemble presets let users play each singer independently or together as a whole. The GUI features extensive sound-shaping controls, real-time waveform playback display and our Live Performance Phrases contain an advanced phrase sequencer. And every preset features our modular FX rack panel, with dozens of modulrar FX, rooms, halls and spaces.

Voices of Rapture features

  • 13 GB Installed.
  • 17,310 Samples.
  • 61 Kontakt 5.5.2 .nki preset banks.
  • 24 bit / 48 kHz losslessly compressed NCW samples.
  • Works with the free Kontakt Player (version 5.5.2+).
  • Multi-FX Rack and reverb with 119 room, hall and FX impulses.
  • Full NKS and Komplete Kontrol Integration.

Voices of Rapture is available for purchase for $249 USD.

More information: Soundiron / Voices of Rapture