Soundiron has announced the release of its Rust 3 sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt, featuring a collection of found-sound percussion instruments.

Soundiron Rust 3

Soundiron’s Rust 3 comes with a custom interface for Kontakt.

Rust 3 is the long-awaited third installment in our legendary Rust series, exploring new ways of bending this classic genre into ever more musical directions. This time we set out to conquer powerful bass and rich musical tone, recording a massive variety of surfaces, objects, oddities, apparatuses and custom contraptions.

We captured each instrument in close, wide stereo to capture even the most subtle of resonances and overtones. We reached for crystalline highs and mind-melting lows. We aimed for a collection that would offer uniquely alternative drum kit concepts, richly complex tuned percussion, dramatic effects and stingers and a huge wealth of sustaining lead, pad and ambient instruments. We set out to build a metal library that could stand on it’s own, capable of endless self-contained musical potential well beyond the traditional limits of your typical metal percussion.

With well over 100 unique sound sets, tons of sustaining and effect elements covering a total spectrum of metallic flavors, this iron beast definitely delivers on that promise. With Rust 3, you’ll find an easy to use and inspiring metallic workshop, spanning an incredible depth of sonic potential and suitable for use in any musical and sound design genre.

The library is available to purchase for the introductory price of $79 USD until August 31st, 2012 (regular price $89 USD).

More information: Soundiron / Rust 3