Soundiron has updated its High School Drumcorps classic marching drum line percussion library with a whole new look and design.

Drumcorps captures the powerful, tight sound of a marching band drum section, with that instantly recognizable hard punch and snap. Our goal was not simply put you in the crowd, but to get you right down in the drum line with the sticks in your hands, from the rehearsal hall all the way to the big game.

You’ll find a full collection of articulations for tuned marching bass drums (20″ – 36″), 14″ marching snares, a 42″ concert bass drum and full ensemble. There are snare and bassdrum rolls, crescendos, strikes, rim clicks, rimshots and more. We recorded the drum section in close, wide stereo, in a large band hall and out on the football field. As a bonus, we’ve also included live marching bands and parade ambiences. This library has all the flavor and verve of a classic high school marching band drum line, with plenty of pop, crack, whump and boom to bring your tracks alive.

The version 2.0 redesign adds a full user interface & powerful new arpeggiation, ensemble building, room simulation, tone and articulation shaping features.

New in High School Drumcorps 2.0

  • Full user interface including tone and convolution reverb controls for total control over every aspect of the sound and performance.
  • Powerful Megamixer interface, allowing you to create custom ensembles with up to 12 drums, with individual key-mapping, tuning, panning, release control, shaping and mixing and dynamic sample loading for optimal resource use.
  • Specialized version of the Uberpeggiator arp system, with a new “EZ-Roll” mode that allows dynamic bpm-based roll creation, with velocity swelling, humanization control and much, much more.
  • Brightened and tightened sound and additional flexibility to the bass and snare roll and crescendo articulations.

The High School Drumcorps library for Kontakt is available to purchase for $49 USD. The upgrade to the new version is free for all existing owners of High School Drumcorps – including those who originally ordered it from Tonehammer.

More information: Soundiron / High School Drumcorps