8Dio Productions has announced the launch of Soundpaint, a music instrument technology that is designed to offer you the ability to play completely realistic music instruments.

The Soundpaint Engine renders all instruments, dynamically in real-time. Resulting in a truly realistic feel, playability and behavior compared to conventional sample technologies.

Soundpaint is also backed by the most extensively deeep-sampled instrument catalogue in the world by Academy, TEC, and Emmy Award Winning Producers.

With prices starting from $20 USD, the initial product line-up includes G-Brass, Orange 808 UDS, Beautiful Noises, 1975 Soul Guitar, Hybrid Emotions, Palindrome UDS, and Juniper 8 UDS. A bundle of all available Soundpaint Instruments is currently available for $300 USD.

Furthermore, the 1928 Vintage Grand Steinway is available for free to registered users, allowing you to experience the power of Soundpaint’s real-time rendering and velocity morphed samples. It is available in VST and AU plugin formats and as standalone software for Windows and Mac.

More information: Soundpaint