Soundpaint has announced the release of ZX Spectrum Standard, a deep-sampled instrument library featuring the sounds of the 1982 ZX Spectrum 1-bit synthesizer.

Did you know that some of the earliest chiptune synths were not 8-bit, but had an even grittier 1-bit sound?

The ZX Spectrum line of personal computers was first released back in 1982 and they supported a 1-bit audio system across their eight different models. We were fortunate enough to sample this entire series of computers in collaboration with UK-based expert, Andy Jenkinson. Andy has the largest “living” collection of Spectrum computers around, and is the leading authority on deep-sampling these classic chiptune instruments.

Featuring 106 programs and 122 parts, the 2.6GB ZX Spectrum Standard library contains 3,900 real-time samples, including over 1,000 spoken words and phrases from the robotic Currah 1-bit text-to-speech voice synthesis peripheral.

ZX Spectrum Standard is priced $20 USD.

More information: Soundpaint