Sounds 2 Inspire has announced a new expansion pack for the popular Spire software synthesizer by Reveal Sound. Surreal Soundscapes comes with 128 presets that focus mainly on pads, atmospheric sounds, cinematic sounds, ambient sounds, zen and other relaxing melodies.


The collection includes 97 pads, 17 ambiences and drones, and 14 keys and plucks.

Surreal Soundscapes is a full expansion with 128 presets for Spire synthesizer. Surreal Soundscapes focuses on pads, long relaxing melodies, lush cinematic sounds, intros, ambient sequences, drones, tones and textures.

Demonstrating some of the great features, sound quality and versatility of Spire.

Surreal Soundscapes on sale for the intro price of 20 EUR until February 9th, 2020 (20% off regular).

More information: Sounds 2 Inpsire