Sounds And Effects Asia Pacific Drums and Percussion

Sounds And Effects has released Download Pak 1: Asian and Pacific Drums and Percussion, a downloadable sample library for Native Instrument Kontakt samplers.

The Asia Pacific Drums and Percussion Download Pak is based on the Asian and Pacific Island drum and percussion section of The New World for Kontakt.

Asia and Pacific Drums and Percussion features

  • 280 samples (24bit/44.1KHz).
  • 21 presets.
  • Instruments: Japan Drums and Perc, Japan Taikos, Korean Drums and Perc, Korean Gongs, Chinese Cymbals, Hawaii Drums and Perc, Javanese Anklung, Javanese Ketjer Cymbals, New Guinea Shark Calling Rattle.

Asia Pacific Drums and Percussion is available for download for $29.95 USD.

Visit Sounds And Effects for more information.