Sounds And Effects Pure Acoustic Special Edition

Sounds And Effects has released Pure Acoustic Special Edition, a sample library for Kontakt.

Pure Acoustic Special Edition offers rare authenticity, fidelity and flexibility to your studio.

Pure Acoustic Special Edition features

  • 1,238 high quality 24 bit samples.
  • Instruments: Martin HD-28 “Herringbone” and a Taylor 410.
  • Each note has been meticulously reproduced with up to 9 sample-layers per each note. For both guitars, the low E string was de-tuned to low D to capture deep buzzy bass notes.
  • Articulations include picked, fingerstyle and plucked with two fingers.
  • Variations include picked vibrato soft, picked vibrato hard, half step slides, fingerstyle vibrato, harmonics, soft and hard muted notes, open strings, fret noises.
  • The presets include many velocity switches including: Picked to Pluck, Mute to Pick, Mute to Pluck, Mute to Pick to Pluck, Fingerstyle to Pluck, Open Strings to Harmonics.
  • Mod Wheel is often used to add real vibrato.

Pure Acoustic Special Edition for Kontakt is available as a digital download for $59 USD.

Visit Sounds And Effects for more information and audio demos.