Sounds To Sample Progressive MIDI Melodics 3

Sounds To Sample has released Progressive MIDI Melodics 3, a collection of 100 MIDI files.

Sculpted in the same vein of today’s top-tier peak-hour contemporaries, Progressive MIDI Melodics 3 is bursting with melodies ready for infinite variation in the sequencer of your choosing.

Just drag and drop one of the 100 MIDI files into a MIDI track, select your synthesizer, press play, then sit back, relax and bask in the blinding sonic brilliance of glorious chord progressions that would rival those produced by god himself.

Or, simply drag and drop one of the 50 included WAV progressions to add a dollop of uplifting goodness to your nearly finished track.

The sound library costs $19.99 USD.

More information: Sounds To Sample