Sounds To Sample Indie Underground Vol 1

Sounds To Sample has released Indie Underground Vol.1, a collection of sounds and presets.

Sounds to Sample serves up over a half gig of deafening disco fluorescence in their latest production pack filled with all the sparkling sonics and lo-slung swing you’ll need to keep the hip-house room groovin in volume one of their Indie Underground series.

Over 350 individual loops, one-shots, mini-kits, Massive and Sylenth presets shinning with the same polished brilliance as a new chrome fixed gear, Indie Underground Vol. 1 is the perfect production pack to help you write your own indie dance and nu-disco tracks, or add a little dance pretension to that St. Vincent song you heard in Portland a few weeks back. Or maybe it was Williamsburg?

The sample pack costs 19.36 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample