Hy2rogen Progressive Tools 6

Sounds To Sample has released Progressive Tools 6, a new sample library from Hy2rogen.

Sixth serving in Hy2rogen’s insatiable Prog House toolbox, maxxing out on cruising chord progressions and lead lines, kick-free tops, freaky vocals, massive fills, synth and perc one-shots and – for the first time ever – 50 massive Midi loops.

Hy2rogen’s Prog Tools series has become a regular chart-topper – and with good reason. Each pack contains a mix of creative idea-starters and solid production workhorses for a dual-pronged attack on the underground dancefloor.

Number 6 keeps up the pressure, piling in 50 peak-time progressions (all with Midi files!), 50 razor synth shots (pile on the verb for huge stabs), a grab-bag of drum fills, 30 raucous kick-free top and music/mash loops, 50 one-shot percussions, layered claps and snares and 15 glitchy vocals.

The addition of Midi for the first time opens up a whole new area of possibility: fire up your own sounds, re-arrange progressions, re-build the chords and shape for your own ends.

Progressive Tools 6 is available to purchase for 14.49 EUR.

More information: Hy2rogen