Riemann Kollektion 3 - TechHouse Beats

Sounds To Sample has released Riemann Kollektion 3 – TechHouse Beats, a new sample library featuring sounds by Format:B.

In each of our collections we invite a special selected producer who established his or her name in the scene already with several successful and well-known music productions. For our first release we could commit Berlin based Florian Meindl to deliver state of the art loops and hits. For the second one Martin Eyerer delivered the guest samples and this time it is Format:B from Berlin.

Format:B is a very successful Techno & Tech-house liveact, they play in the best clubs like Berghain and run their own label called Formatik. They delivered awsome 114MB of loops which represent their unique signature sound.

As always, Florian Meindl adds his own flavours with his unique blend of fx, drum hits and groovy, percussive drum and tops loops at a variety of tempos (122-126bpm).

Riemann Kollektion 3 – TechHouse Beats features

  • Drums — 48 beats, including stripped kick, hat and snare plus a choice selection of one-shots to kick-start the groove.
  • Percussive loops — The cream of the crop – 44 deep, dirty, tribal-tinged workouts.
  • FX & noise loops — 55+ background noise, vinyl, disko and twisted vox loops and lo-fi percussionisms.
  • Basslines — 26 tight tech basslines, wooden woofer-wakers and wonky bassleads.
  • One-shot FX — Awesome selection of sweeps, swoops, white noise bursts, wobbles, breaths and lazers.
  • All 273 24-bit Wav loops are tempo labeled for your ease with most loops presented at 125 and 126bpm.

Riemann Kollektion 3 – TechHouse Beats is available to purchase for 24.90 EUR.