Sounds To Sample Tech-House Rhythms

Sounds To Sample has released Tech-House Rhythms, a collection of loops by Sharooz.

Here at S2S we understand the importance of beats: they’re the foundation upon which all things are built. In Tech-House Rhythms S2S and SM founder and beatmaker extraordinaire Sharooz returns to dish up 70 bang-up-to-the-nanosecond beats from his personal library.

These are not just any beats, but the best beats we could find in the genre, at a variety of tempos from 125 – 130 in crystal clear 24-bit Wav format.

There are variations on some, there are some kick-free loops, but for the most part we’ve concentrated on giving you 100% straight-up club bangers: not too busy and not too overbaked, so you can fit your own elements and compression as you see fit. 70 beats at a very reasonable price. Simple, really.

Sharooz is the award-winning sound-designer whose work on Sample Magic’s Nu-Rave, Electro-House and Progressive House have earned him a place in sampling history. This is his first pack after his winter break from programming, benefiting from the warmth and air of his analogue studio, with beats generated on the MPC and fed through the mouthwateringly fine Empirical Labs Distressor.

Tech-House Rhythms is available to purchase as a download for $14.99 USD.

More information: Sounds To Samples