Soundsdivine Bundles

Soundsdivine has announced the release of soundset bundles for synthesizer plug-ins from u-he, XILS-lab, Waldorf, and FXpansion.

New Soundsdivine bundles

  • Lush Sonics – Bundle for U-He’s DIVA – 265 presets from the ‘Introspective’ & ‘Art Of Sound’ soundsets – $49 USD — This bundle features an impressive variety of sounds, from epic choral pads, dreamy washed out soundscapes, vintage analogue pads, 90’s unison style house hits, unusual wavetable sounds, noise wash pads and a whole lot more.
  • Vintage & Rare – Bundle for Xils-Lab synthesizers – 450+ presets for Xils-Lab’s XILS4 / Oxium / PolyKb & SynthiX synthesizers – $69 USD — This collection of sounds features many different timbres & textures suitable for a range of genres. From classic analogue style sequences, industrial soundscapes, pan drum arpeggios, big vintage unison pads, chillwave synth sounds, pschedelic arpeggios, fluteish sequences plus a whole lot more. Included soundsets: ‘Soul Design V2’ – XILS 4, ‘Event Horizon’ – Oxium, ‘X’ – SynthiX, ‘Horizon’ – PolyKB.
  • Ambient Surrounds – Bundle for Waldorf’s Largo – 200 presets from the ‘Ambient Chill’ & ‘Spacetime’ soundsets – $32.95 USD — This bundle features cold alien soundscapes, weird timbres, glitched out pads, classic 80s digital pads, deep space type pad sounds, snappy arpeggios, strange FX and many more.
  • Synthetic Infusion – Bundle for FXpansion’s Strobe – 256 presets from the ‘New Retro’ & ‘Vintage Electronic’ soundsets – $32.95 USD — Making extensive use of FXpansion’s Transmod system, this collection of sounds is a fresh take on synthesizer sounds from the 80s & 90s and features big poly unison pads, rhythmic bass seqences, glitchy synth sounds, unusual timbres, lots of classic arpeggiated sounds, dub hits, polyrhythmic tremolo pads, overdriven drops & sequences, and much more.

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