Soundslates has announced the release of an intimate felt piano instrument for its Capsule synthesis engine.

The soft and introspective sound of the prepared piano is essential for cinematic scoring. This capsule captures the intimacy of a felt piano, an instrument recorded with a sheet of soft felt placed between the hammers and the strings. Lovingly recorded at multiple velocity layers, the achingly delicate tones of this capsule will inspire the most emotive themes.

To widen the breadth of timbres available we also created hybrid patches, combining the piano sounds with a curated selection of other characterful instruments. Finally, we thoroughly abused our piano, placing a selection of objects between the strings which were then struck, scraped, and plucked to provide expressive hits, textures, and effects.

Use this capsule’s melodic piano patches for cinematic bliss, or the atonal sounds for horrifying shocks. Whatever your project, Felt Piano provides swirls of inspiring notes.

Felt Piano is available for purchase for $19.99 USD or as part of the Capsule monthly subscription, priced $9.99 USD/month.

More information: Soundslates