SoundSpice Dub Extraction Vol 2

SoundSpice has announced the release of Dub Extraction Vol 2, a collection of 5 construction kits with 400MB of MIDI files and 24-bit Acidized .wav files.

From the creator of the ‘Experimental Dubstep’ series from Producer Loops comes this new collection of kits. Backing off a bit from the typical dubstep sounds, and focusing more on unique synth tones, big kicks, and just some really moody grooves. The Dub Extraction series brings a bit of grit and emotion into the digital dub world.

Hear for yourself and grab the freebee pack to try-before-you-buy and get a hint of what to expect from this set.

We also invite you to check out a brand new interview with SoundSpice founder and Perimeter Sound partner Jeff Rhodes at Read about a special deal on ‘Dub Extraction Vol 2’, and an exclusive freebee loop sample set from a Perimeter loop collection through October.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $20.95 USD.

More information: SoundSpice / Dub Extraction Vol 2