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SoundSpot Christmas Bundles: Get up to 95% off audio plugin collections


Plugin Boutique has launched new SoundSpot Christmas Bundles, four plugin collections at huge discounts of up to 95% off regular.

SoundSpot Christmas Sale Mix Bundle

The following bundles are available during the promotion:

  • Mix Bundle ($51.99 USD)
    • Paradox multi-fx.
    • Firefly bus compressor.
    • Kinetik compressor, EQ and overdrive.
    • Ravage Lite distortion.
    • Halcyon saturator.
    • Voxbox widening effect.
    • Percolate drum EQ.
    • Kickbox kick drum mixing tool.
    • Orbit transient designer.
  • Mastering Bundle ($45.99 USD)
    • Cyclone mastering compressor.
    • Overtone mastering equalizer.
    • Focus psychoacoustics effect.
    • Hiku multi-band processor.
    • Velo 2 brickwall limiter.
  • Control Bundle ($24.99 USD)
    • Evade volume shaping FX.
    • MSW2 mono maker and stereo expander.
    • Axis multiband compressor, imager and metering.
    • Propane imaging tool.
  • Creative Bundle ($35.99 USD)
    • Ravage distortion.
    • Nebula stereo delay, chorus, flanger, filter & LFO.
    • Orcale creative reverb.
    • Glitch trance-gate, delay & glitch effect.
    • Renegade Mini sidechain volume shaper.
    • Kara bus processor.

The sale expires January 2nd, 2020.

More information: SoundSpot

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