SoundSpot has released its new effect plugin Evade, a volume shaping tool that offers surgical control over the audio signal by utilizing frequency determined volume shaping.

Evade helps you achieve cleaner, punchier mixes, without sucking the life out of your music.

The benefit of a frequency based volume shaping plug-in is that you can create space in the mix by volume ducking only problem frequencies as opposed to the entire audio signal. This result is a more controlled and natural sounding mix, which is preferred by most genres outside of electronic music.

However this doesn’t mean the EVADE volume shaper can’t be useful for electronic music production tasks, as the plug-in can still deliver conventional volume shaping in just a few clicks and also comes with a nifty mid/side balance control and unlinked start and end points which is extremely useful for audio that need to duck but still retain a transient snap to cut through the mix.

Evade features

  • Unlimited Node Envelope.
  • Time Syncing from 1/32 to 32 Bars with straight, dotted or triplets.
  • Switchable Main Display showing either frequency spectrum or moving wave.
  • Unlinked Envelope start and end points.
  • Envelope Playback Flip.
  • Multi-band Selection for surgical volume shaping.
  • Smoothing to reduce pops and clicks.
  • Phase shift to alter the start point of the envelope.
  • Pulse Width Modulation to create a more analog feel.
  • Mid/Side balance for even greater control.
  • Pop-free plug-in bypass.

Evade is available from Plugin Boutique for the intro price of £11.99 GBP/$15 USD (regular £39.95 GBP/$50 USD). The plugin supports VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats.

More information: SoundSpot