SoundSpot has released Propane, a unique Mid/Side Panner effect plugin that offers detailed stereo placement.

SoundSpot Propane Sale

A well balanced stereo image is essential in any mix. With regular panning however, the options for placing a rich stereo track in the stereo field are limited. Propane gives you the option to pan the mid signal separately from the side signal of a stereo track. This way you can position the mono part of your track in the stereo field as you like, and use the side information to shape the width and stereo image of the track.

Besides giving you much more control in comparison to regular panning, this technique can be used very effectively for compensating for a stereo track with an unbalanced or lopsided centre, or for creative automated and tempo synced stereo effects. Also, it is a very natural sounding alternative for panning a bus reverb.

Propane can be used in combination with the SoundSpot MSW1 stereo widener for full control over the placement of your stereo tracks, and has a similar smoothed out bypass function for automation without pops or clicks.

Propane features

  • Fast and intuitive workflow.
  • Simultaneous mid/side and left/right separation.
  • Smooth bypass function for easy automation without clicks.
  • Extremely light on CPU and RAM

Propane (VST/AU/AAX) is available at an introductory 90% discount until January 31st, 2017.

More information: SoundSpot / Propane