SoundSpot has launched the Mercury Bundle, the complete collection of all 21 SoundSpot plugins at a discounted price.

The bundle includes:

  • Ravage distortion.
  • Hiku mastering effect.
  • FireFly bus compressor.
  • Oracle Reverb.
  • Glitch fx plugin.
  • Paradox multi-fx.
  • MSW2 multiband stereo imager.
  • Nebula multi-fx modulation.
  • Renegade Mini bass enhancer.
  • Axis multiband compressor, imager & metering.
  • Orbit transient designer.
  • Velo limiter.
  • Halcyon saturation effect.
  • Cyclone compressor.
  • KickBox drum mixing effect.
  • Overtone equalizer.
  • Propane m/s stereo imager.
  • Focus psychoacoustics effect.
  • Percolate percussion mixing.
  • VoxBox vocal widener.
  • FAT Filter.

Mercury Bundle is available from Plugin Boutique for £199 GBP. If you own 1 or more SoundSpot plugins you can upgrade for £129 GBP, and if you own 5 or more plugin the upgrade is £79 GBP.

Note that some of the individual SoundSpot plugins are currently on sale for as low as £1 GBP each, so make sure to purchase those and upgrade to the bundle to get the best deal.

More information: SoundSpot