SoundToys has launched the Little Radiator Official Contest, a chance to win a free saturation effect plug-in and more.

It’s a chance to get a free tube saturation plug-in called Little Radiator™, and to win more cool stuff by giving the free plug-in to your friends.

You might even win the grand prize: PLUGGED FOR LIFE! All SoundToys plug-ins for as long as you live or SoundToys lives.

SoundToys Little Radiator

SoundToys Little Raditor models the classic sound of the Altec 1566A mic preamp

The deadline for entering the contest is March 29th, 2012.

Little Radiator is a free introduction to Radiator, scheduled for release in April, 2012.

This upgrade from Little Radiator is based on the Altec 1567A (the 1566A’s big brother). It’s the next level in this classic sound with extra control and an extra SoundToys twist. Details coming soon.

More information: SoundToys / Little Radiator