SoundToys Mega Plug-In Trade-In

SoundToys has announced the SoundToys Mega Plug-in Trade-In, a limited time offer for its plugin bundles.

From June 2nd to June 20th, if you have individual SoundToys Plug-ins you can trade them in for reduced pricing on SoundToys bundles. The more you trade the more you save.

For example, trade in your FilterFreak, Decapitator and Speed and get the 8 plug-in SoundToys Native Effects V4 for only $149 (Save $346.00)!! Wow! Or trade in your SoundBlender and EchoBoy and get the 11 plug-in SoundToys TDM Effects for only $695 (Save $500).

You can log-in to your account and see all the available specials based on what you own.

More information: SoundToys