Plugin Boutique is offering a 77% discount on the Soundtoys PhaseMistress, a phase shifter effect plugin that brings rich phase sweeps, deep analog vibe, and tempo-locked modulation.

Add rich analog phase-shifting sweeps, rhythmic sync’d pulses, deep motion and character to your mixes with PhaseMistress.

Inspired by a history of classic phase shifters, PhaseMistress gives you the creative freedom to explore new sounds and find dramatic new directions for mixing and production on any project. Phase-shifting is way cooler than you thought.

PhaseMistress features

  • Recreate the silky, funky sounds of a huge range of hardware phasers.
  • Get authentic analog sounds with 69 different built-in phasing styles.
  • Tweak circuit-level options to design your own phasing styles.
  • Choose from 6 different operation modes: LFO, Rhythm, Step, Random and more.
  • Create envelope follower and trigger effects that respond to the music.
  • Draw your own LFO waveshapes and unique rhythmic patterns.

For two days only, you can get PhaseMistress for only $29 USD (regular $129 USD). The offer expires March 11th, 2021.

More information: Soundtoys