Soundtrack Loops Growlers and Screamers

Soundtrack Loops has announced the release of Growlers and Screamers, a royalty free set of loops and samples for producing Dubstep.

Sounds include punchy snares, growling basses, buzzing saw basses, deep sub basses, screamer synths, synth effects, wobbles, leads, arpeggiators, lead hooks, bends, bounces, hyped SFX, talking vowel synths, mixed beats, kicks, 8 bit game sounds, and trancey hooks.

147 loops in total PLUS 135 promo drum one-shots and 27 promo loops from a few other Dubstep releases by the same producer. Tempo and key info is included in the file names as well as embedded as meta-data. Produced for Soundtrack Loops by Jason Donnelly (Dj Puzzle)

Growlers and Screamers is available to purchase for $25.95 USD.

More information: Soundtrack Loops / Growlers and Screamers