Source Audio has announced it will be celebrating the release of their new Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter by giving away one pedal each hour to visitors of their NAMM booth #312 on Wanna Play Saturday July 23rd.

Source Audio SoundBlox Pro BEF

The BEF Pro builds on the wildly popular Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter with a wide array of features for the touring professional. With the BEF Pro each filter type can be modulated by four distinct sources: envelope, tap tempo enabled LFO, Hot Hand™, or an expression pedal wah. The BEF Pro also boasts an impressive set of tweak-able options including an adjustable 7-band graphic EQ, 6 save-able preset banks, 8 different LFO waveforms, adjustable positive and negative filter sweeps and a Wet/Dry Mix knob to the interface featuring Source Audio’s signature Lo-Retain™ mixing algorithm.

Phish bassist Mike Gordon added the Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter to his touring rig in early June (joining the Multiwave Bass Distortion Pro). Speaking of the BEF he said, “I’ve had a eureka experience with the Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter. It is the first unit with enough control to preserve the low-end without sacrificing clarity.” Source Audio’s positive impact on Mike’s bass tone is a frequent topic online.

The schedule of the giveaway on July 23rd is as follows:

  • 11 am – Soundblox Classic Distortion
  • 12 pm – Soundblox Tri-Mod Flanger
  • 1 pm – Soundblox Tri-Mod Phaser
  • 2 pm – Soundblox Tri-Mod Wah
  • 3 pm – Soundblox Multiwave Distortion
  • 4 pm – Wireless Hot Hand Wah
  • 5 pm – Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter

The winners of each hour’s giveaway will be announced on the Source Audio Facebook Page and Twitter Feed @sourceaudiofx. Participants must submit their email addresses at the Source Audio NAMM booth to be eligible for each drawing.

The Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter will be available to purchase July 20th, for $219 USD street.

More information: Source Audio