Source Audio hasannounced the immediate release of the a new effect pedal that offers a comprehensive collection of low-fidelity sounds that include classic vinyl emulation, primitive echoes, radio static, digital bit crushing, glitch effects and more. Many of these effects can also be mixed and matched.

Artifakt is the first Source Audio release to feature a carefully engineered six-knob, two-footswitch space-saving hardware platform, which includes fully compliant 3.5mm TRS MIDI and USB-C.

“We discovered during the creation of Nemesis and Ventris that lo-fi is fun, sounds awesome, and we were really good at it.,” says Source Audio President Roger K. Smith. “So, we’ve spent the last three years developing the ultimate lo-fi experience. When we started out, we had no idea that Artifakt would become the most fun pedal we have ever created.”

At the center of Artifakt’s new user interface is an Effect Selector knob that loads one of 7 expertly crafted lo-fi engines.

  • “Radio” captures the sound of vintage radios, complete with compression, static, and signal interference.
  • “Tape” replicates classic audio tape saturation, modulation, and warble.
  • “µVerb” is a dark reverb/echo effect with crude spring-like qualities.
  • “Crush” explores digital effects like bit crushing and sample rate reduction.
  • “Ladder” finds inspiration from Moog’s™ famous mid-60s filter.
  • “Vinyl” delivers the charm of a well-used record, complete with scratches, warps, and skips.
  • “Glitch” captures the incoming signal and re-plays it at random rates and intervals.

The OPTION/TAP footswitch has a special function for each sound, ranging from momentary oscillation, playback stop, echo or additional modulation.

Artifakt features Stereo I/O as well as full MIDI IN and MIDI THRU support via 3.5mm (1/8”) TRS. These TRS-MIDI ports use the “Type A” convention. Additionally, Artifakt features a USB-C port for fast, reliable control with Source Audio’s all-new Neuro 3 application for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Neuro 3 is a tool for preset discovery, sound creation and sharing, and firmware updates. Artifakt comes with 128 user preset slots, 12 of which (slots #5-16) are loaded with Factory Presets. Preset slots #1-4 have been left empty with the intent to inspire users to create and save their own sounds.

The Artifakt Lo-Fi Elements retails for $349 USD and is now available from your local Source Audio dealer or from the Source Audio online store.

More information: Source Audio