Igor Vasiliev of Motion Soundscape has announced the release of a new mangler effect for creating slowly changing rhythmic sound structures in a deep reverb space from any external signal.

SpaceFields is designed for experimenting and designing ambient and noise backgrounds with rhythmic elements.

The principle of the application is quite simple. It is based on a loop recorder with two loops. When one loop is recorded, the second is played back. When the loop recording stops, there is a smooth transition between them. Three separate outputs can playback the recorded loop with different pitches (speeds), each with its own effects and two automation generators. The mix of these outputs is fed to the convolution reverb. The reverb is packed with a set of long and deep sound spaces that create a blurry and ambient sound.

But the main feature of this application is its well designed parameters that make it easy to experiment with a huge number of sound options using any source material from live instruments to synthesized sound. With just two parameters you can add complex rhythmic structures based on Euclidean rhythms, and easy-to-use automation generators with a randomize option to add variations to the sound, allowing you to modify parameters like an LFO or based on a given rhythm. The convolution reverb has advanced options with which you can change and extend the original reverb spaces.

Priced $9.99 USD at the App Store, SpaceFields for iOS supports external control of parameters through MIDI (with a MIDI learn option) and in Audio Unit mode has a built-in, detailed description of all parameters.

More information: Motion Soundscape