Spaectrum Arts Percussion Hits

Spaectrum Arts has updated its Percussion Hits sample library to version 1.2.

We have added 148 new sounds. We have created, using the original sounds a series of SFX sounds; Reverse, bends, and so on…

A “Reverse” button for all sounds. This will give a whole new dimension to the library!

Percussion Hits features

  • 99 unique Percussion Hits in 44.1Khz – 24 bits wav.
  • Certain sounds have variations (ex: with or without cymbals).
  • 5 new SFX soundbank (1.2 update), for a total of 298 sounds.
  • “Reverse” button for all sounds.
  • Per-key tuner.
  • Natural tone recording and unprocessed sounds.
  • Quickly drag and drop into your project or use the .nki version for Kontakt 4 & 5.
  • Watermaked library.

The sample library is available for purchase for $49 USD (US) / $58.80 USD (Europe incl. VAT).

More information: Spaectrum Arts