Speaker Blower Records has released a number of new plug-in packs for Windows PC.

Speaker Blower Synths

Speaker Blower Synths includes 4 original virtual synthesizers with super phat sound and unique characteristics.

Speaker Blower Synths includes:

  • SB-1 – Classic virtual analogue synthesizer designed for bass and leads.
  • SB-2 – The phatest and most powerful synthesizer Speaker Blower has ever designed. For fast CPUs.
  • SB-3 – Stereo detunable synthesizer. Ultra Phat circuitry.
  • SB-4 – Stereo detunable synthesizer with up to 20 oscillators.

Speaker Blower FX
The Speaker Blower FX pack features more than 30 VST plugins for complex sonic transformation (mono versions are free).

Speaker Blower FX pack includes:

  • Delay/Reverb: Modulation Delays (modulated delays and echoes), OuraEchoes (delays/echoes with Chorus and Reverb), Sample Delay (sample based delay), SSS (complex surreal space simulator), Tape Delay (tape echoes and delays)
  • Distortion: BassDrive (bass saturator), Broken Valve (rude distortion), Guitar Amp (guitar amp with 2 channels and chorus), OuraBlaster (distortion pedal for guitar), SATURnus (valve saturation/distortion)
  • Dynamic: Channel One (recording channel), Noise Gater (noise gate with sidechain), Tape Limiter (tape saturation/limiter), Vintage Pressure (classic/vintage compressor)
  • EQ: 4Q (4 band parametric eq), Colour Eq (classic equalizer), Vintage Q (valve classic equalizer)
  • Filters: BiFilta (dual multimode filter), Mad Dog Filter 1 (liquid 24dB/oct LP filter), Mad Dog Filter 2 (liquid 24dB/oct LP filter with Delay and Chorus), OuraFilta (multifilter from Lusus synth- 12dB/oct), Phaser Filter (exclusive phasing filter)
  • Modulation: Distorted Chorus (the only distorted chorus plugin in the world), Distorted Flanger (the only distorted flanger plugin in the world), Ensemble Chorus (exclusive multi chorus), OuraPhat (phatness processor), NOTE: You can download the free OuraPhat LE version in Dr. Speaker Blower site.
  • Utilities: MultiBand Imager (2 band stereo imager), OuraGain (gain and pan), VU (vu meter), Wavescope (wave analyser), Widescreen (stereo image processor)
  • Bonus effects: SB-1 FX (SB-1 Synth effects section), SB-2 FX (SB-2 Synth effects section), SB-3 FX (SB-3 Synth effects section)

The Speaker Blower Synths and FX pack are available for Windows PC and costs 50 EUR each. For 100 EUR, both packs can be purchased together in the Total Pack which includes some extra effects, instruments and Reaktor ensembles.

More information: Speaker Blower Records