Spectralhead Audio SilverBox

Spectralhead Audio has released version 1.0 of SilverBox, a virtual bass line instrument for Windows PC.

SilverBox features

  • Authentic monophonic analog bassline emulation
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Oscillator with saw/square waveforms
  • 18 dB/oct. analog modeled multimode filter, lowpass/highpass/bandpass modes
  • Sequencer with piano roll, accent & slide
  • Variable pattern length (1-16)
  • Advanced randomize functions
  • 16x oversampled distortion with minimum aliasing (soft, hard clipping, soft foldback, hard foldback)
  • Optimized DSP code using SIMD instructions
  • Customizable MIDI CC automation

A demo of SilverBox with the following restrictions is available for download: Sound drops out every 45 seconds, the number of presets is limited to 16 and there’s a big ‘DEMO’ text in the sequencer.

Visit Spectralhead Audio for more information and audio examples.